Friday, June 12, 2009

Regionals- Friday

We had a great first steeplechase- she knocked the first bar, but even with that we still placed first time wise! Woohoo! 36.?? including the extra five...

Second steeplechase, not so much. I screwed up, but could have probably still made it but I insisted that she got the weave entry she missed the way I wanted her to (i.e I wanted to RC into the poles, and she missed the entry, instead of me saying fine, try again normally, I set her up for the RC again...and again...until after three attempts she got it...we were over time because of that...BUT- NOT ONE BAR.

The warm up run went well, I used my toy and rewarded big time on contacts, and for weaves.

I had time to take a few pics for you all

Some pics of the site:

And some random cute faces from the day!


Bullet (a very cute baby border collie)

Jiggs- a very cute Pyr Shep. She is the smallest one I've ever seen. But man, is she fast!

and Stoker- the very handsome sheltie belonging to one of our students


Paws on the Run said...

What? No picture of Coulee? ;)

I'm glad Wicca did good today!

Nat said...

Woot, great job!! Can't wait to hear about what happens next. Good thing the weather was nice -- at our Regionals the weather was TERRIBLE!! Have fun today and tomorrow!


Diana said...

The weather looks beautiful. Great job on the course. Diana

Elf said...

Good work. Great time on the steeplechase. And I can relate to the euphoria of "wow no bars down!"