Tuesday, December 16, 2008

6th Photo

Sarah tagged me from Dig It Fetch it Herd It...How fun!

Here's the deal:

You have to check your Photo Archives (or wherever you store your images) then select the 6th file folder, open it & post the 6th picture contained there, with the story behind it.

Now I have to tag six friends to do the same:

Slow as Molasses
4 Dog Craziness
Days at Daybreake
and anyone else who'd like to play!

Make sure to comment so I know you've played!

Anyway, here is my photo

This was taken at my friends family farm- we take the dogs down there to run like hooligans. Wicca was fetching a stick- and Sam got all caught up in the moment- and then he remembered he doesn't like water... :o) It was pretty funny. Oh, and that's Boone fuzzy butt in the corner..


Sarah said...

haha too funny!!! glad you took the challenge!! look at those cute corgi butts!!!

i wish it was that warm right now!!

Lauren said...

That's such an awesome picture and I love the description of Sam from it!

I hope you don't mind that I used the idea for my blog as well ^.^

Nicki said...

we've posted our photo!

Jules said...

Will do this tonight. Promise.

Elf said...

Done on Taj MuttHall.