Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Photo Projects

So I have two new photo projects this year. I am excited about both of them. 

For the sixth year in a row I am participating in the Flickr Group- 52 Weeks for Dogs. I have gone through all of my dogs- and Leo is the last to go this year. This is a weekly project, and my goal has always been to showcase their life. All the things that make the dog so special. It has been a lot of fun, and although there have been times were I am taking last minute photos- the group never fails to inspire me. I've missed very few weeks over 5 years! Leo's project is obviously in it's first week. This is the photo I chose to introduce him with. Because it is Leo more than 50% of the time. Serious. Down to work.  Here is the link to his set page on Flickr. Right now there is just one photo- but each week I will add another. 

The other project is a personal one. No Flickr group, no one really to share them with. Just for myself. It is a 365 project- that's right. A photo a day. I am going to stick it through, because I can't wait for the finished project. I mean how cool to be able to look back over the whole year in photos. The final result is my motivation. This project is an iPhone camera project so will be very easy to do each day. I take usually at least one or two photos on my phone every day anyway- except now I will have to work harder to make sure it's in focus. lol. I'm on day 2- but you can see the set page here. I am posting to Flickr through the Flickr app- that way all the photos will be in one place for the end of the year.

And I am waffling about one more. I really feel the need to do something for Wicca this year. There is a 12 Months project that I have been a part of for a few years. I have a few weeks to decide about that. I think that I have more than enough on my plate with these two though.... So we will see!


2halves said...

Good luck with the projects! I look forward to seeing your work.

I decided to do a personal 365, too. Although, the anxiety created just trying to decide to do it does not bode well for its future. Haha!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

We'll enjoy your efforts. Safe travels if you head to your Grandpa's.