Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cute, and Perfect Too!

Bo has been staying with me for a few days while his owner is away. He comes from a long line of uber-fantastic herding dogs, and will likely grow up to be a uber-fantastic herding dog himself. In the mean time he is completely cute, and perfect. Puppies are fun, but really are a lot of work. I forget that I don't like puppies much, until one comes for a visit and I am glad to send them home. lol. Even mostly perfect ones like Bo. ;)

so smart, and eager to do the right thing. 

fantastic toy drive, not that that will be useful later- but it's cute now!

just enough crazy.

big noses run in the family.


and one more from a few days ago (pre-snow). 

he's practicing for when he's bigger...


onecollie said...

Pixel peeking in the background made me laugh :)

Jenny Glen said...

Geeze, you can't see any resemblance to his paternal side at all can you?

WigglyZack said...

awe love his puppy look and those ears