Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Training Hodgepodge

Leo is just an all around good boy. His outruns are great- sending from my feet, nice and deep, slows down at the top on his own accord. Just nice. I have discovered a few weak spots with him- pulling off a fence for one. He is nervous and goes extra fast (if at all) to pull them off- which then makes him over flank, and pushing them right back to the fence. I am going to need some ideas and help from my friends to figure out the best way to help him learn confidence. We had some trouble late this summer with him not wanting to walk in on them after being stopped. But with help that has been getting better and better. We have started a bit of driving, which I think will help that even more!

Brit is working on quarter flanks still. To help with the pen issues, and being able to fix the fetch line. Stop and flank, stop and flank. The driving is getting pretty good- all mechanical, but hey, it's better than nothing! I am looking forward to seeing how she will do at a trial. I entered her in the last field trial of the season. It is in a few weeks. I am excited to try the drive from the post!

Pixel is having issues with the drop. Still. Which amazes me and frustrates me all at the same time. When she is happy and bouncy and excited she drops every single time. If she is at all cautious, or worried then she sits and slowly goes into a down (or just stares at me). At least I have figured out what the difference is- but now that I know it isn't making it easier to fix. I started with pretty low stressors. A peice of food on the ground off to the side. She wants it, knows she can't have it so she thinks about it, and then I get a slow response. We worked past that- she learned that if she goes down quick she gets it. So then I added more pressure- an object in her line, or close to a wall. We have not worked completely through this yet. The next step will be to take it on the road- new places, noises etc. Besides the drop issue I still am not 100% confident in her ability to stay. Despite both of these issues this morning I entered her in the November dogshow. <sigh> I really should not have.

Brit is finally getting some sustained heeling and attention. She is wonderful to train and work. Very thoughtful, and tries hard. I am entering her in something at the dogshow. Debating between Rally and Obedience still. I can talk to her and help her in Rally- but it is actually more challenging than Novice obedience because it is longer, more stop and start. etc. But I need to be sure she is ready, really ready for Novice. And I am not sure yet. I will have a better idea tomorrow when I see how she works in a class setting. If it is as good as at home then we will be fine. I have a few weeks to decide still.

I have finally been able to get Leo on some contacts.. I have decided on a stopped dogwalk. So we are doing lots of targeting at home these days. Winter is on it's way so I need to figure something out for winter contact training. Or it will be a whole year before he is ready to trial. Sadly I had to pull out of a seminar I signed up for. His contacts are not seminar ready, so although the handling part of it would have been great it just wasn't the time. Soon though! He is learning about jumping, and handling and really has found his rhythm. He is going to be SO much fun.  I am optimistic about this. ;)

Shaping Class
is awesome. ;) Already I love it. Even though we are just in week 2. I can tell that there will be some good challenges. And that is exactly what I need.

So all in all the crew and I are busy training, and mostly just having fun! 

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