Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cypress Hills Stockdog Trial

I packed up some of the dogs and headed to Medicine Hat for the Cypress Hill Stockdog trial this weekend. This is the last field trial of the year, and I was glad to have the opportunity to go!

Brit has been working on driving, driving, and more driving so I was THRILLED when she had a great drive on both her runs on Saturday. We didn't get the drive on Sunday, but I'll take the two I did get!! We have worked very hard to get it... Her first run the outwork was not very good. She slices in at the top of her outrun, and refused to stop. I had to really yell at her to get her to take the stop. So our fetch was fast and furious. But the drive was nice, and it was my screw up at the pen that caused us to time out. Her second run was way better. Nice outrun, great lift and fetch. And the drive! We just didn't get the pen. This was our highest score yet of 65. I might frame it. lol. She won that round, and came second the first one.

Because the sheep, the field, and the atmosphere was so relaxed I decided to enter Leo on Sunday. He is not quite ready, as the driving is a real problem. But I thought it would be a good opportunity to see how he will be in a trial setting.

Brit's run was first, and again she came in like a freight train at the top. We MUST get a steady pace. That is our winter project. She's not going to like it, but it's a bit ridiculous. lol. The drive was shorter and at a weird angle- and by the time I got it sorted she was almost at the panels. So not a very good drive at all. But we got the pen this time! Pure fluke, but we got it. I need to watch some videos I think... and really work on my timing.

Leo was VERY excited at the post. As soon as he saw the sheep he wanted to go. His outrun wasn't quite as good as normal. And I should have given him a "Time" at the top, instead I made him liedown. Watching the video, I should have used Time a lot more. I forget that he knows that. lol. His fetch was straight, but fast. The drive was messy as he would. not. get. up. He gets sticky, and I think I will have my work cut out for me to fix that. Another lesson with Scott might be in order! But we got it done. And his line was better than Brit's so we lost less points. He did not get the pen, again my fault, not his. He took every flank i asked of him, only getting it wrong once. I'm pretty proud of the boy! He did a great job for his first time!

So again, I come away with more things to work on. We have the arena trial series starting next month. I plan to run both Brit and Leo. Though I have some things to work on before then for sure!!

I have video, and will upload when I have a chance!

Oh, I should mention that Leo won today! He got a 57! And earned High Novice score today, a  little clock with Cypress Hill Stockdog Trial. High Scoring Novice on it. It is pretty awesome. ;)


Tammy Taylor said...

Congrats! Sounds like a perfect weekend to me - relaxed, learning and time with the dogs.

Beautiful photo of Leo and his winnings as well!

onecollie said...

so awesome Amanda! congratulations, all your hard work is paying off big time :)
LOVE the clock, hurray for Leo!!

Merinda said...

Congratulations! Herding is such a hard sport to get into - such a steep learning curve! Did you use the whistle? :)