Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lumps and Bumps

I haven't said anything but I've been a bit worried about Wicca. A few weeks ago I noticed that what was once a small lump- like the size of a pinkie nail, had grown more than double the size....

I have had it looked at a few times already- aspirations showed nothing, but that was before it grew.

So I headed to the vet today and am happy to say it came back as nothing. No cancer, no weird cells, just a regular old lump. We talked about getting it off, but unless it continues to grow at this rate I don't think I will.

I'd hate to put her under for something that isn't neccesary. Her teeth are great so she doesn't even need a cleaning while she's under! So I'll just keep an eye on it!

 With my job I see a fair number of lumps and bumps, and unfortunately some of what turns out to be cancer. 

So I am very relieved that it's just an old dog lump. :)


Diana said...

So glad it turned out ok. Yay!!!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Our 11 yr. old female corgi is full of lumps. All checked out...but they have grown from a half of a walnut size to a half of a pear. She has at least six of these, in various sizes, growing.
No pain, so far. Hope Wicca continues to be ok.

Taryn said...

Yes, Wilson has several as well. All centered around his armpits/chest area. Tested out as those fatty lipomas...Thank goodness!