Monday, February 18, 2013

As Promised...

It was a very sheep-filled long weekend!

Saturday- a quick trip to Louannes for a lesson for Brit, and just some work with Leo. 

and the cutest little lamb...

Sunday was spent in Highriver at the Stockdog Trial. I was really pleased with Brit! She listened, and was confident. My handling was the problem. lol. But we are learning together! I did find out that we were in Fifth place overall in the standings up until this weekend. We've got new things to work on for next time- that sneaky course designer added in some new challenges this time. lol
thanks Amanda S for the photo!!
and Monday (the Family Day holiday) was spent mostly at Altapete. A fantastic day!

the gorgeous Nan. Owned by Wendy Schmaltz


Brit, waiting impatiently

the roadrunner, I mean Kelly

baby Try who is having a bad ear day

and good girl Alice, with photobomber Hemp.
and of course I couldn't do this whole post without at least one puppy picture...

A great day indeed!


Jenny Glen said...

And don't forget, in the evening, a sheepdog movie!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Wow! Loved these pics. You have the coolest outings ever...That baby pic is pure love!