Monday, January 21, 2013

Show Dogs and Stock Dogs

This was an action packed weekend for sure. I am not sure what I was thinking but I will likely think twice next time about doing two seperate events in one weekend... Or maybe not. lol.

Saturday was spent at Spruce Meadows at the dog show. Which was a bust. But still fun. ;)

Pixel actually did not do too badly. She was just so-so. Her heeling was off (no surpise since I haven't trained it at all....). She missed the Drop on recall. She was a little nervous- which is not normal for Pixel so I wasn't prepared at all. She actually took a big detour around where the people were standing against the ring fence. Oh, and she stepped on the broad jump. Oh, and I missed the long sits and downs so I am not sure if there has been progress or not in that aspect. On the plus side her fronts and finishes were awesome! Best yet. So at least some of the training is paying off.

Brit had a meltdown. Hated the building. The smells, the crowds, and the noise. It was interesting because she normally isn't affected by things like that. But apparently her weird border collie-isms will now include crowded buildings. She had some nice work in the ring- she started strong, had great fronts and finishes. We NQ'd when she went around the jump. lol. Really. She was in heeling mode and didn't even look for it. Strange but true. After that I played and touched her and rev'd her up as much as I could. So not a total loss as I think the experience was turned into a good one.

Scenthurdle was wild. But fun. Brit was great- only one mistake. Our team didn't have a box loader so we had a few errors on the human side, but I think we rocked considering we don't normally box load. lol. I think that Brit earned enough points for her Scenthurdle Dog title, but don't know for sure.

After that long and exhausting day we headed to the Connely's where we spent the night in comfort, had a great breakfast with friends, and even a bit of a visit!

Sunday was another in the Highwood Series Stock Dog Arena trials. I have been working so hard with Brit. And I am thrilled with her! She was full of confidence and zip today. If I was an emotional person I would have cried. No  hesitation or fear. Of course I didn't get any video :( I was busy in between and didn't think to get it out of the car. In any case I am very happy with her. We did NQ in the first round- I was so happy that the lift was so fast and clean that I kind of forgot which way she was supposed to go around the post. Ooops. lol. Brit didn't know or care though so we continued on. Our second round was much better. Some fumbling on my part- but I'm still happy.

And now it's Monday. And I'm tired. Not a good start to the week.


K-Koira said...

Sounds like it was a fun weekend, even if it didn't bring a lot in way of Qs. But sometimes, that's not what the weekend is supposed to be about.

Diana said...

Great job!