Saturday, January 26, 2013


It was time. My old blue van served me well. Until the doors stopped working one by one. Do you know much trouble it is to load up six dogs through the front seat? Talk about muddy paws! In any case I bought this new to me 2001 Nissan Xterra. It is great! Smaller than my van so it will be an adjustment, but I've got it all set up now and I think everyone will fit just fine. Another adjustment is that it is a Standard. And I've never driven one before. I had my first lesson last night and did not too badly!!! There is hope. lol. So if you see me driving around town don't mind the jerking, and certainly don't follow to closely. lol


onecollie said...

sooo happy for you!! it's a darn purdy car too, what's it's name :)

Jenny Glen said...

How will Alaska and Togo know their Timbits are on the way if you are not driving the van up their road?

Kim said...

Oooo...Shiny :)

Congrats on the new ride! I know what it's like searching for the right vehicle...I spent 5 months searching for my current dog-mobile, and it's perfect.