Monday, January 28, 2013

Puppy Sitting

Puppies aren't really my thing- they poop, the pee, the eat stuff, and they are high maintenance. (Not unlike Corgis come to think of it...) In any case, I've decided that puppies in small doses are best.

This is Kit, she belongs to my friend Louanne. I think I've blogged about her before.. And I looked after her litter brother (Try) for a day or so a bit ago.

Kit is here for a mini vacation, and to learn about city life. She has been in training to be a workin' dog, but you can never have too much socialising. I've got her for a few days and so far she has been great! We've been to lots of places, and met lots of new people.

Confidence galore, except in new places which we are working on. She is a nice pup- and today finally the other dogs played with her. She was very happy. Here are some photos from our walk this afternoon.

no puppies were harmed...

she sniffed at this weed for like five minutes. Apparently she has never seen one before. lol

Run Free Puppy!!! Well, sort of. Her recall sucks so she was on a long line.

her ears have no idea what they are doing...

kisses for Brit

and Leo

She loves Leo and will stop and sit with him whenever he stops to stare at stuff..

so cute

super squishable...


onecollie said...

she is very squishable!!!
are you gonna take my puppy & socialize him too!!
I like the green much better then the boring white ;)

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a face this one has! She really does like Leo and Brit, doesn't she? Such happy dogs you have m'dear.
It's always a joy to see their expressive faces in your pics.

Jenny Glen said...

Good idea, Kit. Hang with Leo. He probably has some good sheep info for you!