Tuesday, January 08, 2013

9 Years Old

It's my birthday. I should get to eat it. Not stare at it.
Further torture by making her hold it for a photo. lol

I wanted to get her a real ice cream cone, but that will have to wait until later today. She was pretty delighted with this giant cookie though! She ate the whole thing, and shared with no one. It's her birthday after all. ;)

In celebration of her 9TH! Birthday here are 9 interesting facts about the Woo. 

9. It's common knowledge, but still interesting- but she can open the fridge, the cupboards, pretty much anything she can get her teeth, or feet around.

8. She has no conscience. Consequence or Reward is of no matter to her. There is only momentary guilt at being caught.

7. She is a snot. A typical corgi. Friendly, nice to meet ya, and then walk away. Unless there is food. Or you are in her select group of friends.

6. She LOVES her friends. And will always abandon me in a hotel to sleep with the friend.

5. She used to hate cuddles. Now she chooses to sit next to me on the couch, or sleep next to me.

4. She hates her feet being touched. But will tolerate it for a cookie. But it better be a big one.

3. She loves to shred cardboard, and is obsessed with paper. She once ate my cable bill. I thought I had paid it, and then I got a notice in the mail...

2. She never gives up. Or Forgets. Cookie under the couch? No one rests until it is saved (eaten).

1. She Woo's when she is happy. Not a bark, not a whine, but a Woo. Hence her nickname. It melts my heart.

Happy Birthday Wicca!
Here's hoping for many more Birthdays and continued attitude, happiness, and Woo's!


K-Koira said...

Happy Birthday Wicca! That is one awesome ice cream cone cookie.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Oh, I hope she had the happiest birthday ever! She's such a doll, and a character. Loved your post today...sigh. Gotta love those corgis!

andrea said...

awww happy birthday to her :)

Jenny Glen said...

Happy Birthday!!!

onecollie said...

Happy Birthday to the bestest Woo Woo ever ♥♥

onecollie said...
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Jen said...

Happy Birthday! And many more!

I think a big ol' cookie is a good ice cream surrogate until it's "real" ice cream time ;)

Taryn said...

Happy Birthday, Wicca!