Saturday, January 12, 2013

Running of the Lambs

Not at all like Running of the Bulls, but still clever I thought. ;)

There is another arena trial coming up, and after the disaster of last time I have been working as much as I can to rebuild the lost confidence. The rules have gone out the window essentially, other than she must lie down. Today I worked her at Phantomridge and we tried all sorts of things to let her feel that pressure, and have to work to get them off the fence.

Louanne and Craig put the whole flock in the chutes to encourage the working bunch to stay at the top. No problem. (although I was reminded to shut up and let her cover on her own...)

Then we put the whole flock in the arena and went out in the field with the working group. Sometimes the draw of the gate, and the flock can be stronger. Easy. Brit even moved the whole flock into the arena without hesitation. The sheep were oddly cooperative today.

Finally Louanne suggested Lambs. They dont' act like normal Sheep. And split up, run away, or into fences, or sometimes just stand there stupidly. Surely Brit would have to work at moving them. No such luck. She had no problems at all, except when she would forget one or two...

The lambs did provide a chance to take some photos though- Louanne worked her for a few minutes so I could try and get my 52 Weeks photo. It was funny. Brit was happy to work until she was asked to Lie Down and then it was chaos. Lambs running every which way, Craig busting into the field, Brit running to her momma. Chaos.

It was a good afternoon though- Brit took our challenges in stride. I am going to enter her at the trial Sunday. I think she's got it figured out.

Oh, and today Leo also got to work. Although I have no photos. He tried very hard today, and I actually felt like he was listening, and not trying to out think me.

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