Monday, July 23, 2012

What's better than a day of Sheep?

A day where the sheep poo and pee on your shoes and try to escape rather than be forced into the very scary chutes for needles and yummy dewormer shoved down their throats!

Brit and I spent yesterday helping our at Phantomridge. Louanne has a lotta sheep. And sheep need things like vaccines and deworming. As you can imagine they just don't stand in a line waiting their turn either.

It was fun- I like stuff like that. Farm work interests me. It was not so fun to get pee'd on- and I do mean pee'd on. As I'm using my knee to push a Ewe forward into the chute she decides to pee. That and the sheer volume of crap. lol. Sheep crap a lot generally- but when they are stressed they crap even more and it's not all solid if ya know what I mean. ;)

Brit was a helpful farm dog too. She got to ride in the back of the ranger and then we used our pretend driving skills to get them to the chutes. And then we used our pretend driving skills again to get them back to the field. Except the sheep are smarter than I and we took a detour. lol.

After that fun, (and slurpees with our lunch!) we went to Louanne's friends to work sheep in her big field. It was a recently baled hay field so the bales provided pretty things to look at aswell as obstacles for the dogs. The sheep came busting out of the trailer like Kangaroos- springing into the air and taking off down the field. I thought to myself that this would be interesting with Brit. lol.

They did settle really nicely though- as they were happy to just to graze. They were Barbados Sheep- and looked kind of like Gazelles. Brit thought they were real fun and was excited. A little too excited. We need to work on a steady. Her outruns are getting better- I need to move towards the top as I send her to remind her to stay out. But otherwise she is mostly finding balance. The problem was the 100mph when she walked  ran into them. It sent them flying every which way. Brat. I enjoyed watching the other dogs work- I am learning lots just from watching! How too much stop makes the dog sticky, and how too much go turns the sheep into torpedoes. ;)

The whole day was a lot of fun. My only regret is not wearing my boots. My shoes will never recover.

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BCxFour said...

I have said good bye to more shoes than I can remember. Soon you wont care and wear the shoes anyway :)