Sunday, July 29, 2012

Perfect Evening at the Farm

I took Brit out to the farm tonite to work on our outruns and such some more. We are making some good progress so I want to keep up on it. We went on Saturday morning but the bugs were bad so didn't work much. Tonite was much more fun, and we got a lot done. 

I convinced my dad to come along- I told him he could watch for wildlife. lol. 

See, a bird! :) He had fun though- and he was helpful in blocking the escape of some naughty ewes who wanted nothing more but to run back to the barn... Doesn't he look like someone you wouldn't want to mess with? :)

Vito tagged a long too- mostly so that I could try and get my 52 weeks photo. Turns out I could have taken the photo at home. lol. But he had fun and had the opportunity to eat some sheep poo which he always loves. ;)

Brit and I worked on Outruns- equal on both side. With me sending and walking (with meaning) towards the sheep. I'm adding a "steady" which should stop the RUNNING INTO THE SHEEP when she reaches the top. So far it is working nicely. ;) 

Brit had a great time- she really is in her element out there. I love that. A Lot. 


Oh yeah, and there was a new baby Lamb. I wanted to squish her but she wouldn't let me.

And one more thing- Watkins. Watkins is the best bug repellent ever. I had a nasty reaction to a horse fly bite from Saturday. My whole hand was swollen and itchy and actually hot to touch. It finally is almost normal tonite. I didn't want to do that again so picked up some Watkins to try. And it is amazing. Not one bug bite. It was fantastic!


K-Koira said...

I will have to look into that bug repellent. I always get bit a ton, and I swell up a lot even with normal mosquito bites.

Jenny Glen said...

Where did you get it? The farmer's market?

Flea said...

Vito is gorgeous! My babies are Aussie/German shepherd mixes. They eat duck and chicken poo in my backyard. Drives my husband nuts. :)