Friday, July 13, 2012

A weekend of favourite things!!!!

Pixel and I are headed to an Obedience trial tomorrow morning. I've got her entered in two Open trials- she only needs one more for her CDX. We've been working on our fronts so I am hoping for some better understanding on her part. I will be thrilled if her improved fronts make it to the ring!

She is on early tomorrow morning, and then late morning again. Hoping to be done and outta there by noon.

The dogs and I are also packed up and headed to Phantomridge to dogsit/housesit for the weekend! I am pretty excited- for two reasons.

Reason #1- SHEEP!!! Louanne is going to leave some sheep in the training field- So I'll have lots of opportunity to train.
Reason #2- PUPPY!! Baby puppy Boo is staying home so I'll get lots of puppy cuddles and fun in while I'm there.

I've got my camera packed- a video camera for Obedience, and my real camera for puppy and sheep photos. ;)

This is going to be a great weekend!!!


Jen said...

I hope the trials are good to you! It sounds like you have a really fun, action packed weekend in store.

andrea said...

Have a marvelous time!!

onecollie said...

a perfect weekend for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine Anne said...

holy c that does sound a good weekend! just found your blog - loving it already!! Can't believe you have five dogs! I've only ever had one at a time.. but watch this space I suppose!

Interesting you're into herding - I just got a puppy and as we live on a croft I'm going to try and train him (amongst other things) to work the sheep. Yours is the first doggy blog with any mention of it so I wanr you now I'll be an avid reader from now on I think! :)