Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Fun Filled Weekend!

Tomorrow is Friday- this week has flown by!

This weekend is a combination of sheep, and relaxing. Kinda like last weekend but without the dog show. ;)

I am looking after a friends Acreage this weekend- The Blazingstar Flatcoat gang has headed to BC for their National Specialty. They asked if I wanted to stay for the weekend to water the gardens, and keep the cat company. Of course I said yes!!!

Blazingstar is an amazing place. Wild Prairie on the edge of a coulee with their own private River Access!!! The dogs and I are going to have a great time! I've got my camera packed and charged and my river shoes ready to go.

  Combine that freedom with some Sheep Fun Friday afternoon at Altapete. ;) I am excited just to go and watch the big kids train. And get some ideas of what to start working on with Brit.

Saturday will be spent at Blazingstar relaxing, reading, and swimming. ;) Just what I need!

And then Sunday I'm heading to Phantomridge to help out with some farm stuff. Something about helping to vaccinate and do feet on a whole lot of sheep....It will be fun- I think. lol. Ask me on Sunday night.

I am having a pretty awesome summer so far!!! I'm pretty lucky to have such great friends!


Catherine Anne said...

sounds great, have a great weekend :)

Koping Weims said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. Enjoy and will look forward to some great pictures