Tuesday, April 03, 2012


I was in Medicine Hat this past weekend teaching agility. It was fun- a good group of people who are eager to learn.

Wicca came along for a one on one weekend. She was the queen of the arena and stole cookies from peoples bags, ate horse poop, and looked for critters. She was in heaven. 

Pixel spent the weekend running with collies, and starring in a slow motion weave pole experiment. lol

Brit spent the weekend with the Penguins and went to Waterton where she bounded through the snow like a mountain lion. 

Yesterday was a no good day. I got bit twice (once at work, and once at class.) and generally was cranky. Mondays are never a good attitude sort of day. Let's hope Tuesdays are better. 

Last night I got home from running errands after work and Wicca ripped her toe nail right off coming out of her crate. No noise- just gushing blood everywhere. Couldn't stop it on my own so had to take her to the vet...now she is forced to wear the cone of shame and has enough gauze and vet wrap around her little leg that it looks like a Pirate stump...

She hates the cone- in case you were wondering. This morning she got stuck in the doorway and refused to move. I fear that she is now stuck in the middle of my kitchen while I am at work. lol. 

Tonite we move agility equipment outside. So excited! 

I am going through Sheepherding withdrawals.... Wednesday. Hopefully. 

One more training night before the Reddeer Dog Show. Scenthurdle and Open for Pixel, and Brits debut in Rally....

Easter weekend coming up- that means four days off of work. Four Days. That's pure awesomeness. Looking forward to an easter egg hunt with my nephew. ;) 

I need a foster home (local) for a dalmatian. Any takers? He's mostly good...mostly. He needs a home with no pet birds....He thinks Birds are Food. It's a problem.  Anyone?

I am working on some new tricks with Boone for the Childrens Festival. I was thinking of trying to use all of my dogs for one little trick show. Use little stools for them to perch on when it's not their turn. I think it might be cool. We only have a few weeks though. It might be an unrealistic goal. lol. 

My grass is growing, and is almost green. 

I am super excited about Spring. It's my second favourite season. *My most favourite season is fall, In case you were wondering.

Vito dropped a brand new stuffed toy in the mop bucket this morning. It was a good start to my day...

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Diane said...

I had to laugh at the toenail incident. Kiwi did the same thing two weeks ago. She had to have minor surgery, wore the "cone-of-shame" for 4 days, and had a very pretty green foot (with a decorative flower even) the size of a tennis ball! It was really pathetic! Diane