Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kids and Sheep

It's Sunday late afternoon and it feels like the weekend never really was here at all. lol

Saturday Go Dog Go and the Lethbridge Kennel Club put on Demonstrations all day at the Childrens Festival. I left my house at 8:15 and got home at 7:45.... It was a long day but was mostly really fun. We did agility, obedience, rally, scenthurdle demos, aswell as tricks, carting (well, Bosley did anyway). So it was a pretty busy day. The kids love it though and we had nice crowds for almost every demo. I enjoy demos, but it is a lot of work to put on and organise. I am glad it is over. I really don't like kids- at all, and the number of unsupervised jerk kids was amazing. But it is great exposure for the kennel club, and practice for our dogs!  Pixel did a few agility demos, and the obedience demo. Brit did an agility demo- and even weaved! lol. Considering I have barely trained I was pretty pleased with her. And Boonie did some tricks. Wicca and Vito stayed home. Vito only stayed home to keep Wicca company. :(

thanks for the awesome photo sarah!
 This morning I was up bright and early for a sheep herding lesson. Today was our very last lesson with Jenny before they pack up and head stateside for trials, and lessons. Sarah and I spent all morning there- learning the last bit of things we may need while they are gone- how to work the quad, more "what to do if..." scenarios, and just general farm girl type stuff. I totally love it. I've decided that I need to find a farmer to marry...not just any farmer though, a farmer that doesn't treat dogs like livestock, and would let me have

Brit's chore was to go and bring the big flock in from the field, and put them in the lamb pasture. She had to fetch them to me and then we drove them all the way back to the barn. She seemed more confident with the driving part- although does tend to weave a bit which we need to work on...

After the farm dog work (which Brit LOVED!!!), we did some trial work and sucked. lol. She refuses to stop when I ask. And then puts the sheep in the wrong spot. It is frustrating, and then nothing gets done because I'm annoyed and my dog knows it... We struggled through, but quit when she was hot and pretty well refusing to work at all...We gave her a break and then finished on a Y chute which was perfect and calm and like five seconds. lol.

Today has been the nicest day weather wise- it is +24C, which is hot for us this time of year. The dogs were hot, and the sheep were hot. Brit and Gyp both learned about the water trough today. lol.

After my lesson I packed up the dogs and headed to the river- where they ran around in the mud and paddled in the water. I did let Wicca swim a bit- I need to talk to Veronica and see if Swimming is something she should be doing or not. I found a new swimming hole that I hope to use all summer- no rocks, just mud. I'll take mud over rocks. It's a bit of a walk- and on a busy path which meant lots of "are those all yours??!" lol. But the spot is perfect so worth the trouble.

The dogs are now in crates drying off, and I'm contemplating a nap.  I might need to take a day off to recover from the weekend..


Paws on the Run said...

That picture is gorgeous!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Do you hose each dog down afterwards, or bathe them individually. What a lot of work...but such happy dogs after a muddy romp I bet!