Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just Boone

Last week I met Wendy after work so she could do some Sillhouette photos of my crew. I really wanted a new blog header, and I got so much more than that. So much in fact that I am going to break each dog into their own post- so you can see all my favorites.

Wendy did show me how to do it (which is how I got my 52 weeks photo last week), but at this point I couldn't tell you what I did. lol. I'll leave that to her (hint, hint). In any case here are my favorite Boonie shots. Thanks again Wendy!

I love these photos because even though you can't see detail, or even his face you can still see his expression, and feel his happiness. I really love this dog a lot- he has a pure heart- and I think these photos show a bit of that...

on the move.

Not so graceful. lol

My second favorite. He looks like a powerful dog, even though he is not. lol.

My ultimate favorite. Unbelievably so actuially. The waggy tail, the foot in the air, the open mouth, happy ears. I love it.


Raelyn said...

Breathtaking silhouettes.... That is all I can say. Just breathtaking!! ;-D
And I still love your header picture of the BEAUTIFULLY UNIQUE Vito's MANY MUDDY PAWS!! ;op

^..^Corgidogmama said...

You can see JOY in each photo. These are really marvelous!