Friday, March 09, 2012

A Rough Week. Over.

I promise that I will be more upbeat next week. This week has been hell. Full of sadness, grief, tears and hugs. I have reached my yearly quota for death, and tears, and hugs. And it's only March. (I don't like to cry, or hug- but both are kinda expected in situations like this....)

On Saturday morning a student and friend lost her dog suddenly and tragically. Chase was nine years old. A Sheltie with an attitude as big as his bark. The life of the party, the kind of dog that would work forever, a type of dog that is hard to forget. In one day he went from being normal, to feeling under the weather, to deathly sick with no hope for recovery. Renal Failure is what the vets have said. I've said before on this blog (not too long ago when two other dogs I loved died) but it's just not very fair. Nine years old. Is not old. He still has so much life to live. As expected his owner is heartbroken. And the whole Go Dog Go family is mourning for the loss.

And then the End of an Era. The passing of Jane was not unexpected but it still is heart wrenching. I've known Jane since forever. Sarah and I started our friendship with our two socially retarded bitchy girl dogs. Go Dog Go was built from that. Jane was the last of the oldies. The last of the originals. She was everything a terrier should be- a true queen who ruled with just a look. The promise of an ass kicking was all that was really ever needed. A fighter till the end.  She was gracious, and sweet, and fiery, and tenacious. Her never give up attitude was the best part.  She was the original smarty-pants. She knew so much- from obedience, to agility, to tricks, to the english language. lol. I remember the good old JRT Terrier days- Jane was always the best behaved dog there, and had the best tricks. Although Jane has been in the background for a few years-  she was still always there. And there is this strange emptiness now where she used to be. Janie is a dog that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

I'm not normally at a loss for words. But I do find that death is one thing that is hard to talk about. What to say to the grieving owner, how to express your feelings of sympathy. It's just kind of awkward and sad.

Loving dogs is so hard. Our GDG family is great though and we've all come together to support our friends. I think that what really helps to pull people through losses like these is the support of friends. The thoughtful words and sincere sympathy from people who get it. Dog people are good people.

I don't like feeling sad, and I'd much rather be celebrating these great dogs lives, but sometimes it's just hard.  I'm hoping a busy weekend of dog stuff and friends will help.


Jen said...

I'm a newer reader to your blog, and not familiar with all of the canine family members. But I do agree, their deaths, and talking about it, is so very hard. You're brave to do so in such a forum, and I look forward to reading in the future, with hopefully happier times!

Diana said...

Just so sad.

WigglyZack said...

Crikey, that is soooo sad and there is me blogging about Zack's illness when there are others out there a lot worse off and lost their dogs. I knew Jane but not Chase but I feel for the people because I know how painful it is when you lose a part of the family.

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Dammit, there is always heartbreak with love.....that being said...knowing them is worth the pain.

Elf said...

As a dog lover, the best thing about being involved in a dog community (like dog agility) is getting to know so many wonderful dogs so well. And the worst thing is this. It's amazing to me that everyone still manage to move on, contain the heartbreak somehow, get another dog, and fall in love all over again.