Sunday, March 18, 2012

My dog is brilliant

Today we had our best herding lesson ever. Brit is just so good. I would have video to show except that my video camera is a piece of crap and died shortly after we arrived- even though it charged all night. Looks like I will be purchasing a new one soon....

So you will just have to believe me when I say that Brit is awesome. ;)

Today we learned how to take the sheep out of the pen, how to get them back in, and how to sort just a few out. Also we peeled them off the gate when I wanted to put them back in again. And we were able to take the sheep all the way to the arena! Seriously exciting! Brit did so great! She looked like a real border collie. It was super cool. She even learned how to go through barbed wire. ;)

That was the whole first part of our lesson- and Brit rocked it. She took her flanks really well, and her stops were okay. A few moments of being unsure on my part- but for the most part she did great. I think that the smaller take pen at the trial will be a piece of cake compared to the big pen at Altapete.

The second part of the lesson was spent on a Y chute. It was painful. lol. Until we just got it. And then it seemed easy. lol. But really we spent about 10 minutes trying to get them through the damn thing. And then reset and she got it in like 30 seconds.

So I'm pretty pumped about our lesson today- it makes me feel much more confident for the trial. We still have LOTS of training time so really we should know everything we need to by then! Brit is just so amazing though. I seriously adore her. She went from all serious sheep dog to bouncy happy Brit in 2.5 seconds after we were done. Love her.

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Jen said...

It sounds like you had a great lesson!

I'm not into herding (with a Doberman? I'm sure they can do it, but.....), but it seems like there are a lot of books people have written about Border Collies, and of course herding with them, and I've read them, because I'll read just about any dog book. I think it's really neat, actually, and don't know why people wouldn't herd with a dog.