Monday, March 05, 2012

Agility, I missed you even though I never really left you...

Slowly but surely I am getting back into agility with my dogs. Last week Sarah and I went early to class and I worked Brit and Pixel on just a few little things, and yesterday I did a bit more with them. I've created a plan for Brit, and a list of things that Pixel and I need to work on before Regionals.

Yes, I am going to Regionals. I really debated about it, but I think I will kick myself in the ass if I don't go. As a warm up I even entered a trial in April! I am not going to go to Nationals though- instead I will do the big outdoor show in Calgary and take my holidays the week before. Do some camping, touring around Alberta with the pooches.

I am feeling excited about training my dogs, and am looking forward to the move outdoors for training! The little bits of training I am doing right now are perfect- just a small amount to keep me interested, without it being overwhelming.

Yesterday I went to Medicine Hat for a few private Rally Obedience lessons. And afterwards I had an opportunity to do a bit of training with my dogs in their building- Brit did the dog walk!!! We've had the end behaviour for quite a while but had not successfully done the whole thing. She was doing this weird leaping in the middle, and was not quite sure of what I was asking her to do. Yesterday we did about six dogwalks- and all of them were pretty great!!! Full out running to the end and into position. I was super stoked! She's so cute even when she's galloping across the dogwalk. lol

I will have blog posts later this week with Pixel's To Do Before Regionals list, and Brit's Stuff She Needs To Learn Because I'm A Slacker.

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onecollie said...

hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have my travel buddy back!!! yippeee, I knew it wouldn't take long, agility is in your blood woman!