Friday, March 23, 2012


Pixel and I are heading to Olds bright (dark) and early tomorrow morning for a one day handling seminar. I am pretty excited about it. The seminar is with Dante Camacho- who is not only a talented agility guy, but is a fantastic trainer. He is soft and quiet with his dogs, and really is very genuine with them. I have never taken a seminar from him, but he's been in this area for the past few years so I see him plenty at trials. He is from Brazil originally but he's been in Canada for a long time now. Aside from agility he also does Freestyle, and is a great showman in Canada's Super Dogs.

The seminar is all about crosses- front, rear and blind...uh huh. I said blind cross. I've never been a fan of blind crosses, but I figured now might be a good time to learn about them. (The whole Year of the New thing.) It will be interesting. My plan is to work Pixel, but I am bringing Brit in case Pixel peters out. Not that Brit can really do a ton, but she can do anything basic or broken down. Pixel is uh, energy efficient and if the day is long she won't last.

It should be fun though- we are travelling with my friend Cindy and her two crazies (a corgi, and a kelpie). I'll have some stuff to talk about on Sunday I'm sure!!!
Hopefully this recent blast of winter doesn't mess up our plans. The roads might be a little icky...

and just because this should have some sort of agility related photo or video-
 last years Regionals with Pixel.


onecollie said...

see ...people can use blind crosses & live to tell about it :)

Koping Weims said...

LOL Jo...want a video of Amanda doing a blind cross
Have fun


onecollie said...

P.S. Pixel is awesome!! & I can't wait to watch her in this years regionals!!