Sunday, March 25, 2012

Putting it all together.... Herding Lesson

Today Brit and I had another herding lesson. This addiction is outta control. Serious.

Anyway- it was awesome. We did a few outta the pen, back in the pen, sort out a few and then we took them to the big arena. She has no problem at all with that exercise. Brit is a confident worker, and is listening better and better. On the way over to the arena she drives them even though she has never learned that or has any idea of what she is doing really. lol.

Once at the arena the sheep went around the side so we had to bring them back and put them actually in the arena. Brit handled that just fine even though I was in the wrong spot. I need to remember that I am the pivot point!

And then as I was setting up the panels and Jenny ran to do something at the house the sheep escaped through the open person gate at the other end. lol. So we had our first experience actually being useful. Except that the sheep were not cooperating and ended up going all the way back to the barn. So we got to round them back up and drive them to the arena again. This time we closed the gate.

We then spent some time on putting things together. So I had her fetch the sheep and let them settle on the designated spot (which was hard. lol). And then we went back to our "post" (a bone on the ground. lol), and I sent her again and then took them around the post. We did this a few times until I managed to be in the right spot, and tell my dog to do the correct thing... And then we added the dreaded Y chute....

 Last time it took us about 10 minutes to make any progress. This time we got it pretty quick. I just need to stay on my feet and watch where the sheep are looking.We did this a few times and then gave her a break.

While Brit rested, Jenny worked Ford on the Y chute so I could see what I need to be looking for- the head turns. I couldn't resist bringing my camera.

 Ford is super cute, and a little speed demon. Agility people would love him. lol.

When we brought Brit out again we worked on the Y chute again, and I got some good ones right away. I was pretty excited! I believe I even shouted out Yay as the sheep rushed through the chute. lol

After that we ended on some corner panels. I am pretty confident on that- and we only had a bit of trouble going in the one direction. Again I need to be better at remember my flanks. If I have to think about it it's too late. I am going to practice in my head while watching some herding videos online. lol.

So a pretty awesome lesson again. I am so proud of my little dog. She has come so far, and really truly loves it.Even better,  I love the connection we have built while training in this sport.

Jenny took the photos for me today when we were working on the Y chute,and the corner panel.  It's neat because she took so many that you can actually see the sequence of how she worked. It's pretty cool! Thanks Jenny!!!!


oddman said...

Amazing, Amanda! And you look right at home there with your stick and the pen, and the sheep. Way to go, you two!

zeeFM said...

What a smart girl !

^..^Corgidogmama said...

What a dynamic duo! Brit was made for this, wasn't she? Great pics of a very smart, well trained herder!

WigglyZack said...

Brit is in her element and it sounds like you are right there with her. So great.