Sunday, September 04, 2011

Will Work For Food...

Will Work For Food 35/52, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

We had a great time training this morning- both girls got to play scenthurdle a bit, and then we did a smidge of obedience after. I was hoping to do more obedience but no one really stuck around so we just puttered a bit before heading home. I did manage to snag a volunteer for my 52 weeks project this week. I wanted a working photo of her- either heeling or scenthurdle. I didn't manage to get my camera out for scenthurdle so heeling it was. :) Wicca loves to heel and is very good, although she is quite a forger when she is excited. She will work for anyone though- which is good because I am not talented enough to take a photo and train the dog at the same time. :) Thanks Liz! lol

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onecollie said...

love it!, & look at her gorgeous "swirl" :)