Thursday, September 01, 2011

Guess who came to visit?!!!


He lives far, far away now- but his owner was traveling through to visit family and we met up for a quick visit. Davie looks incredible- fit, happy, and in love with his momma. He didn't remember really, but that's okay. The look in his eye when he looked at her was all I needed to see. His confidence has grown and he spent the time chasing his jolly ball, or looking for squirrels (which we don't have any of..) It was so nice to see him, and hear about how great he is doing in his new home. It made my day, maybe even my week. 

Rescue is sometimes so draining. Not so much in Dave's case- but just in general. Sometimes I want to quit. Sometimes I want to pretend there aren't dogs being euthanized every day because there is no where for them to go. Sometimes I don't want to check my email to read about the 10 year old dog someone is trying to give away because they are moving. And just sometimes I want to turn a blind eye just like everyone else.  Recently I cut back in the amount I was doing in the hopes of relighting the fire so to speak. But it is stories like Davie's that really makes my heart happy. He is the reason I will continue to do what I do. Hard as it is sometimes, his happy face reminds me of the value in my heartache. 

So, three cheers for Dave's happy ending. May all dogs eventually find theirs.  :) 


Jules said...

AWW!! That is awesome. I am glad you had an opportunity to see how he has blossomed.

I need orange said...


Thank you for all you did for Dave, and for all you have done and are doing for so many others!

onecollie said...

hip hip hooray!
hip hip hooray!
hip hip hooray!

3 cheers for Davie finding his forever family, & for you helping him find it :)

Silk said...

Another happy re homed dog is my Australian cattle dog, "Levi", I have had him 2.5 years now... when I got him we were his 6th home and he was only 18 months old..a change of diet(gas), and lots of attention and he has become an agility dog, he isn't too keen on it, but he loves to go to classes cause we go together.. we have taken in 4 rescues in the last 5 years, and love them all to bits..

Raelyn said...

This post PULLED ON MY HEARTSTRINGS, Amanda!! I don't even DO rescue and wish for every homeless canine to be adopted into LOVING FOREVER HOMES!! Like my Rose. When we first adopted HER, she had some ADJUSTING to do!! MINOR at that, but adjusting all the same. Now she is happy and contented, plus ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with her Mama.... ME!! Rose is one of my MOST PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENTS!!
Rescuing dogs, one, by one.... Raelyn

Nicki said...

He's an awesome dog. I know how it is. We are not officially a foster home, but you have seen how that has worked out for us!