Thursday, September 08, 2011

Tell Me Thursday

I'm all for fun blogging games. :) Jen at Crooks and Crazies has started "Tell Me Thursdays"- she posts a few questions on her blog, you answer them, and then post back to her blog. Easy peasy, and it's something interesting to blog about.

This weeks questions:

1. What is the biggest thing that grossed you out over the past week?
Um, this morning I vacuumed about 100 flies. The vacuuming wasn't too bad- it's the thought of them flying around in the bag that is disgusting. Oh, and the flying around your face. I am not sure what is with the flies lately! Just in the past week they have gotten bad everywhere- not just at work. Yesterday I used the flyswatter with mild success. This morning when they were cold and slow so I just sucked those little buggers right up. Way more fun. But still, Icky. 

2. What do you feed your dogs?
Dog food mostly. ;) Well, whatever they want really. My guys eat Acana Pacifica. And are doing great on it. Shiny coats, skinny corgis, healthy tummies. But they also get yummy things like yogurt, and cottage cheese, and carrots, and the occasional cucumber. And then the not so healthy, but still yummy- toast crust, kraft dinner, perogies- whatever's left over. It's like having four little garbages at your feet. 

3. If you could move anywhere where would you live?
I like living right here. It's a nice size city- lots of places to walk. Dog friendly. Kinda windy but no hurricanes, floods, or other crazy weather. 

4. What is the funniest thought that occurred to you (or thing that happened to you) this week?
The funniest thought was when I was vacuuming up the flies this morning I had a little chuckle when I pictured Jolene emptying the vacuum bag tonite and all the flies flying out. It was funny, and slightly horrific at the same time. lol. Seriously close to a 100 flies. Close your eyes and imagine that. 

5. If you couldn't have your breed of choice what would be next on your list?

If I couldn't have the breed(s) that I currently own then it would be a Kelpie. It was actually next on my list before Brit came along. I love the intensity, and the size. They are such a pure breed- and are incredible athletes. I also like the fact that like a border collie they have good on/off switches. Calm and Cool when you want them to be, and then crazy a second later. That's my kinda dog. 

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Laura Carson said...

Oh my word. I laughed my hiney off at the vacuuming flies. I hate, hate, HATE flies... and I can only imagine them all in a vacuum bag. Hah!

Thanks for playing. :)