Friday, September 09, 2011

To the Mountains!

The dogs and I are off to my most favourite trial this weekend. Kimberley is such a beautiful place- and the trial is right in a little mountain valley. It is incredible. I will try and get some photos of the general area. I grew up in the mountains so going to this trial gives me an awesome "at home" feeling.

The trial itself is run by two people (yes, two people!) and is always awesome. It's a small trial with a fun atmosphere. A BBQ on saturday night, a huge bonfire, drinking, making fun of Aaron (Jolayne's husband), it's just a really great weekend.

The weather is promising to be agreeable, which is a very good thing as the dogs and I are sleeping in the van. Kinda like tenting. But not. :) There is a ton of room, and I think we will all be very comfortable. I tented a few trials ago and I wished I had just slept in the van- so we'll see how this goes!

I am leaving right after work to get there in the daylight to get set up and organised- it will be the farthest I have driven by myself. I am sure the dogs will be tired of my singing by the time we get there. :)


penni said...

Have a great weekend -- and run well!

The Mama Monster said...

I've been dying to get up in to the mountains lately... It's been way tooo long.

Crazy Cardiness said...

Hope you guys have lots of fun! Sounds beautiful:-))