Friday, July 29, 2011

Spruce Meadows here we come!

We are leaving today for a fun filled weekend at a dog show. This is the biggest show in Alberta actually, and is held at the famous Spruce Meadows Equestrian Center. It promises to be a great weekend with lots of stuff going on. 

The girls are entered in Brace obedience on Saturday- we have two tries at it. It should be fun. We've been training for it and they are super cute together. The hardest part for them has been the recall. I use their names in regular obedience paired with come, but in brace it's kinda hard to say two names at once...we've improvised and here's hoping it holds for the day. lol It will be entertaining I am sure! 

Saturday night is Scenthurdle- both girls will get to race. It will be a long night, but hopefully our teams run well! I am enjoying Scenthurdle more and more, now that the bugs have been worked out, and I understand the rules etc. better. It is always a bit chaotic and stressful though...

Sunday and Monday I have Pixel entered in CKC Agility. She only needs one more leg for her Intermediate title, so hopefully can move to Excellent for Monday. I had pulled Wicca after her injury at the last trial so she will just be a spectator. It will be strange not to run her. She is fine now of course, but at the time I thought it was something serious. 

I am taking my camera, and my laptop so will post updates as the weekend progresses. I will have lots of downtime so be prepared for some random (but entertaining) dog show photos...

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andrea said...

Have a blast!!