Monday, July 11, 2011

Never give him a hose...

My nephew Nolen is a water nut. You can't keep him out of the pool and trust me when I say never, ever give him a hose. He has great aim for an almost three year old.

his mad face. (the expression you get when you tell him no. lol)

drying off with his mom's help.

Easily distracted. Nolen loves bugs and was thrilled when an ant ran across his foot.
driving his little car. Soon he will be too big for it!
I am lucky to have my sister and her family love so close. I get to see Nolen as much as I want. I've learned that Nephews are lots of fun, and now that he is able to communicate more it is getting to be even more fun. He is such a boy though, already! He is super dirty all the time, likes bugs, and robots, and dinoosaurs... lol I can't believe how much he has grown in the last little bit, and with his "big boy" haircut he looks so handsome.

I am going to be an Aunt again sometime today- My Brother's fiance is having a baby girl today....hopefully anyway!


onecollie said...

Hmmmmmm, the mad face looks so familiar, like I've seen it before......wonder on who?? LOL!!

Jenilee said...

Yep, nephew's are pretty great:). Although I'm looking forward to some pink one day too...keep us posted! Hope everything goes great!

andrea said...

congratulations and man Nolan is CUTE