Sunday, July 17, 2011

Awesome Corgi Girls :)

I couldn't be happier with my dogs this weekend.

Because it's the most exciting I want to talk about the Scenthurdle stuff first. Our team raced on Saturday night- just four dogs, no alternates. And they were awesome. Like a switch went off and the dogs just got it. We did a few things differently though- which likely contributed to the dogs focus and understanding. First we made sure not to volunteer for the race before ours. This gave us time to have our dogs out and for some of them to watch and get excited. Second we had a practice before- just a few sends to the box before the races started. I think it helped our dogs to know what the job was. We were succesful in more than half of our runs. A few oops but nothing major. I am very proud of how hard my team works with their dogs. We race again in two weeks. On that note Pixel (along with everyone else running on Saturday) earned enough points for her SHD title (Scent Hurdle Dog). :) Yay for team No Nonscents!

Rally went well- the courses were challenging which was nice, with lots of little tricky spots. I like it when the course makes you think. Wicca was entered in two runs a day- Advanced and Excellent. She needs to qualify in both each trial to earn an RAE leg. After earning TWO legs this weekend she only needs one more for her RAE. Which is pretty awesome. She has qualified in each combination she has been entered in, and often with placements, or even High in Class. This weekend she placed Third (tie for second but just a tad slower), and Second. No Firsts this weekend for her. Although this afternoon in Excellent she would have had a PERFECT SCORE, had I been more careful with my 1,2,3 Steps backwards. Apparently I only did two steps. So we lost ten points for that. Her other scores were great though- 98's.

Pixel earned the last two legs she needed for her Rally Excellent title! I am so proud of her. She is the cutest, happiest dog in the ring and I just love that. Yesterday she scored 90something (I can't remember. lol), and today she earned a 99! and HIGH SCORE IN CLASS in the Excellent B ring!!! Wooohooo Pixel! She still is a very immature dog who has lots of learning to do, but wow I am just so impressed with my little fluffy dog. After this weekend Pixel will be focusing on her Open skills. No more rally for her until she has grown up a bit- The RAE system is way too expensive to worry about wether or not she can handle two trials back to back. At this point she couldn't for sure. I know my dog, and I like to make sure that my dog is ready mentally for what I'm asking her. So it's back to training the broad jump, fronts, finishes, and heeling. Sounds fun eh? :)

So that's that. An all around good weekend that mostly was pretty awesome. The show site is beautiful- the obedience/rally was in a covered "outdoor" skating rink. It stayed cool all weekend, and was far from the busy show rings. Jolene and I travelled together and as always it was a hoot. She just may be the funniest person I've ever met. lol

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