Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Practice makes Perfect.

Last night Wicca and I had a rough start- bar knocking. Ugh. After a few failed attempts I put her away to cool off a bit and brought her out with one jump. Jump, Cookie, Jump, FC, Cookie, RC, Jump, Cookie, Jump, Wrap, Cookie. No Bars. Back to the sequence.

We set up a Front Cross Exercise from a Terry Simons seminar. It was lots of fun when my dog kept the bars up finally! We ran the exercises pretty good- it was good practice for timing of the turn!

At the end of the night I worked on contacts. Last week Wicca had a bad contact night- not blowing them or anything but creeping. Which I hate. I never wanted to be one of those handlers who had to tell their dog 20 times to Bottom. So I fixed it. I worked all week on the stairs and on my little board at home. Driving her into the 2o2o position. I am happy to say it worked great and her contacts were much better. I used clear targets with random rewards and she was consistently driving down to a nose touch.

We did a little work on weave poles. Just entries mostly. Her weaves have improved a lot. Lately her strongest entry is a rear cross. Weird eh?

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