Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Non Dog Content :o)

So I admit that I am one of those people who enjoy reality tv- not survivor or anything like that. But the Idol shows, and the dance shows you bet. If I'm home I'll watch them.

In the case of this years Canadian Idol show I am not home- I miss both shows every week due to my teaching schedule. So I you tube my favorites.

Theo Tam is my all time favorite. He has a great voice, and is a great song chooser. He never sings songs he can't sing. Makes sense right? Anyway, it also doesn't hurt he's from Lethbridge. (where I live)

For those of you who aren't rolling their eyes and leaving, here is his performance from this week.

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Alana said...

Who'd roll their eyes at that? The guy is amazing. He's already won. I bet he now has record companies breathing down his neck. He could very well be one of the best that will ever come from Idol. I'm really happy that you are not a Mookie fan ;op