Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Creeping and Twisters

So last night Sarah and I went out early to get some training in before class. We set up some great exercises and set to work. One of the exercises was contacts...Wicca is creeping. Both the dogwalk and teeter. Looking back I can see how this has started-
releasing her before she is in 2o2o position has caused this.

and I really want her contact to look like this....well almost like that (her head should be lower and she should be straight- not turned...but quite obviously that is my fault....)

I was a tad bit frustrated, okay a lot frustrated as soon as I realised what I was doing. Ugh. So we will work on that all week at home on the stairs and hopefully have our beautiful contacts back :o)

We also did a cool exercise out of clean run- it was fast and fun. I doubted that Wicca would make the turn but of course she did. I really need to learn not to do that. I drive myself crazy.

People started arriving for their class just as the dark clouds rolled in. From all different directions I might add. Very, very scary clouds. Rolling, and loud and quite frightening. We waited a few minutes to see if it would pass but when the wind picked up and the clouds sunk lower we decided to cancel. Just as we got in the car the hail started. It was a pretty tense drive home. I just walked in the door and the hail started again- bigger than golf balls! It was most amazing. There was an actual touch down in the city- (Paradise Canyon for those Lethbridge folks)

We sure are having some wicked weather lately! We have had to cancel more class this year than in the past two years combined I bet! Check out Sarah's blog post about the funnel cloud from last week!

oh, the pics on this post are from the GoDogGo trial a few weekends...
recent proof of my inconsistency!

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