Friday, August 16, 2013

Road Trip!

Today is my last day of work for two whole weeks. To say I'm excited is an understatement.

My sister (and nolen) and I are Winnipeg bound to see my Grampa and various aunts and uncles. It is going to be awesome.

I am also going to Saskatchewan next weekend for the Canadian border collie finals- that was the initial reason for the drive that way so I'm pretty excited about that. I'm not entered but am working all weekend. It will be a fun time I am sure!

And then back to Winnipeg for a week of more visiting and relaxing. I hear the Mosquitos aren't too bad there! Lol

12 hours of driving should be interesting. I've never driven that far before. But i am sure nolen will keep us from being bored.

Space wise I am limited to how many dogs I can bring. So unfortunately I will be leaving some of the dogs with friends. I know they will be okay. But I will still miss them and worry about them. Brit, Leo and Vito are the lucky dogs to get to come. Brit is the easiest traveler. Leo can't really stay with anyone. (And I will need them for some sheepwork to help get ready for the finals) And Vito was in the same boat. No one wanted him. Lol. Wicca and Pixel were the easy ones to find places for. And Boone is going to Wendy's. I am grateful for that as he is a horrible traveler!! I am sad that they can't all come- but need to be realistic. The three I'm leaving would be not very happy being cooped up all the time too- they were the worst barkers last weekend at the clinic.

I probably won't be blogging much. Except for the odd photo now and then. The power of the iPhone is the only reason for that. My laptop Is not well. Lol.

So yay for holidays!! And wish me luck- 12+ hours in a car with a four year old....



Paws on the Run said...

I wanted Vito... Jack just had other feelings.

Have fun with the 4 year old. Be thankful that he isn't still a 2 year old. ha!

2halves said...

My first thought at your last sentence was...what's wrong with a 4 year old?...maybe she meant 4 *month* old?

Because, naturally, I thought you were talking about a dog. :)

Have fun!

onecollie said...

Pixel will be a good girl :)
Maybe me & Wendy will get together for a bit of a family reunion :)

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Have a great time! Safe travels. Hoping for lots of pics and stories when you return.

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