Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MacRae Clinic

Awesome is one word that can sum up the weekend. The MacRae's were fantastic- lots of really great information delivered in a way that even the very beginners were able to understand. I learned a lot- not only with my working time, but by watching and listening to everyone elses time.

Leo was very cautious on Saturday- he was nervous of the people I think. I probably should have had him out more in the day before his turn. So he could absorb the environment a bit more. Next time I'll know better. But I got some good pointers on how to work on teaching him his flanks, and to keep things balanced all the time. I've been spending so much time on outruns (which were great by the way! Like all the way across the arena!!!) that he was reluctant to walk into them on a drive at all. I need to remember to practice lots of different things and not be so specific.

Sunday he was more normal, and we were able to progress through the exercise better. He commented on the amount of eye he has, and did suggest that I work no less than five sheep at a time. I don't quite understand why, but I'll take his word for it. lol. It made sense at the time!

Even though I didn't work Brit I did get some ideas for her too. There were no other dogs like her there- but I think some of the driving games, the talk about the importance of pace, and a few other things can apply to her. I'm determined to teach her steady now more than ever- even though I know I will likely lose some oomph for a while. But she can't just gallop after them all the time...

Anyway, like I said it was a great weekend. My brain is full, and I am anxious to work some of the things we learned!

I didn't even take my camera as I knew I'd be too busy. But here are some other people took!

group photo!

Move Along ladies- photo by M.Bryan

Sneaky- photo by M. Bryan

Scotties! Who are so pretty, and really really fast. lol - photo by M.Bryan

Learning - photo by K.Oikawa

Keeping an eye on the Prize - photo by K. Oikawa

Serious Leo -photo by K. Oikawa
The company was great all weekend- a great group of people. We had the best time Saturday night playing the Game of Things. The excitement of the rattlesnake(s) woke us all up on Saturday. lol. And this blog post wouldn't be complete without mentioning Vito's Great Escape...

Close your eyes and envision Vito chasing four sheep around the yard.... it happened. Chasing them around the buildings, into the barn, into a fence. You know, all kinds of asshole things.  And do you think that little bugger would stop, or come when called? Not a chance. It wasn't until he was really scared that he stopped and ran back to the trailer. Jerk. Thankfully we didn't get kicked out. lol.

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Diana said...

Oh Vito, Vito, Vito. He was determine to show you he could run sheep. Run them all over the place. Take that Brit! Lol.