Monday, August 05, 2013

August Long Weekend

The dogs and I headed to Calgary for the weekend. The big Alberta Kennel Club dog show was the first on the agenda for Saturday. Pixel and I were wrangled into participating in a Team Obedience competition. It was fun! And we did manage to win, despite Pixels dismal attempt at heeling. I just don't get her sometimes. lol. Regardless we had fun- the whole team was comprised of good sports so we all were laughing at the screwups.  I would definitely do it again, but perhaps a practice or two before hand would be helpful. lol

Saturday evening No Nonscents raced, and we won every heat, every race, and won overall for the night. That has NEVER happened before. None of the dogs made any mistakes and we were bang on each time. I was super impressed with two of our newer dogs- Crawford and Catch. This was Catch's second race and he was awesome! And Crawford seemed back to his normal awesome/reliable self. Brit did not get to run- she has been a little off lately, and has been making lots of mistakes in training so I used Pixel instead. It was a great night of racing! There are photos somewhere that I'll post when I get them.

The rest of the day was spent hanging out- letting the dogs play and just be dogs. We are fortunate to have awesome friends who let us stay at their place even if they aren't home! It was a home away from home. The dogs loved every minute of it!

Sunday was designated as a sheep dog day. I headed to Louannes with the Border Collies for a day of fun. We started with a group walk which ended with Brit dramatically hobbling around and me freaking out. lol. Turns out it was a a thistle. So she sat out on all the fun stuff. Leo got to work though- and he was great. I am starting to be able to read him a little better and can get him into serious work mode right away now. We are working on teaching a solid "there" and extending our outruns. Sending him from my feet is my immediate goal. We are getting there! The place we worked dogs was absolutely incredible. The sky was full of storm clouds which made it all the better for photos. I am so lucky to have places and people like this to train with!

Oh, and believe it or not I had a drink or two... Really.

Those who know me in real life know that this is pretty amazing. Michelle makes a good ceasar! The night ended with some yummy food, and lots of laughs. Ever heard of "The Game of Things?" I highly reccomend it. The most I've laughed in a long time!

The dogs and I spent the day recovering from the weekend. It was much needed, and I am feeling refreshed for the week! A work week without a monday can only be called awesome. ;) 

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