Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Hodgepodge

I am becoming a horrible blogger! I'm busy being busy these days. It seems like life is just a constant rollercoaster right now. I'm not complaining really- I like to be busy. But I need to make sure to make time for me. And the dogs.

Today was one of those days. I cancelled my lesson this morning and did things I wanted to do.

*random baby fox, doing what it wants to do. ;)
 One of those was agility. I went out to a friends place and used her equipment. Leo did great- a little more excited than he is at home but stayed focused and engaged. We did just small little handling bits and some a-frames. My approach with Leo is pretty relaxed. I have a clear plan, and an idea of what I want. But I'm trying new things, and going with the flow. I want to see what he wants/needs- and not what I want. I decided on a running a-frame even though I don't have access to it all the time. It will be slow to train because of this, but we will see what we get.  I was hoping to get some video of Agility Leo, but I left my video camera in the car. Next time! He's pretty fun!

The other thing was some herding. I whipped out to Louannes. I was just going to go to the farm, but it took hardly any convincing to go to Phantomridge instead. lol. Okay, no convincing. I believe the text was "want to come work dogs?" LOL. I'm so used to driving, driving, driving that it didn't seem out of the question.   Both dogs worked well- Leo was good and is learning his flanks. He is really coming along quickly. Brit had some nice deep outruns, and had no trouble covering the run-aways. She is an expert sheep holder now, so we had fun doing that for Louanne. I have noticed she is tiring a little faster than before, and I'm having trouble keeping weight on her. I think a trip to the vet might be in order just to be sure everything is a-ok.

All in all a pretty great saturday. The dogs are all tired and asleep at my feet. The little dogs also had a busy day- a nice run in the wet coulees this morning, another run at agility, and then spoiled little Pixel spent the afternoon hanging out at Jo's house. I wish I was as tired as they are! For some reason I am not tired at all now! Might have been the cappucino on the way home tonite. lol. Tomorrow is my official "packing" day. I can't remember if I've said here- but I'm moving. Not away away, just to the house next door. Really. lol. But believe me when I say it's an upgrade. lol.

*Random baby Fox is one of two babies I saw while at Phantomridge today. They were SO cute!!!

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