Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's always something...

Sunday afternoon Wicca started walking around on three legs. Her back left leg was tucked up and forward- not even a toe touch.

Since Sunday was spent packing I know that she couldn't have done anything to it on the day. I gave her some metacam that night and hoped that Monday would come and she would be fine.

Not so much. (the video is the day after metacam...)

So I emailed my vet in Calgary and then started making plans to get there. In case you haven't heard Calgary recently experienced record breaking flooding. The clean up has started but there are still whole neighborhoods closed and of course main roads throughout the city. We made it to our appointment- despite fog so think I couldn't see where I was driving, and a few detours in Calgary.

Many adjustments later, and some X-rays it was thought that the limp was caused by one of her many physical issues, and the actual swelling of the foot is a secondary problem with an unknown cause.

The X-rays of her foot and knee showed nothing out of the ordinary. Which is good. So just some ice and rest for that.

The limping is a different story- who knows why she is continuously broken. Cause I sure don't. I mean yes, she runs around a bit. But we do no fetch. She is not allowed to jump out of the vehicle- although when I was trying I leave her loose in the house she did jump off the kitchen table at least once...

In any case she was very sore- her back, neck, a rib, her sacrum. All sore and out it one spot or another. Poor girl. She had many adjustments, some laser, some acupuncture, some B12/traumeel injections with something else in there this time, and another supplement to take home.

It was a long appointment. And even longer drive. And an even longer day. I am exhausted today. Lol

I am lucky to have this particular vet in my corner. I believe she really has given my dog a quality of life, and some tools for pain management. Although it was costly she is worth it. Wicca is worth it.

This morning she is feeling much better already. She will be on limited activity for a while though- I want to make sure her body has time to heal before she does something stupid to it again....


Taryn said...

I thought Wilson was a limpy/gimpy mess, but Wicca has him beat. I am sorry both of you have to go through this repeatedly.

Now....Jumping off the kitchen table....that's just plain scary!

My guys never jump in or out of the car and my back is worse for the wear!

robin welter said...

I totally sympathize with you considering I just got off the phone making a similar appointment. An adjustment here, a needle there and miraculously they heal until the next time.

It's like we need one of those calendars that contractors have that say "X" number of days without an incident! Then you get a bonus (not going to the vet) for each month where nothing goes wrong!

Good luck and hugs to you both!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

She goes for the gusto all the time so I'm afraid this is her lot, and yours. So glad for you both that your vet is so terrific. It's a worry though...darn ol' corgi!

oddman said...

Table jumping is her problem. Sheesh! Damn headstrong Corgi anyway, LOL.

Laurie in Alberta said...

Interesting about the table jumping. My Olwyn, from the same breeder, has the same obsession. Haven't been able to stop her from leaping on and off the kitchen table since she was a teenager. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING stops her. She is 6 now, but I'm just waiting for the fallout. Honestly. Such a worry.