Monday, June 17, 2013

Obedience Weekend

This past weekend was the Kennel Clubs first stand alone Obedience and Rally show. It was quite a lot of work but well worth it.

I had a fun weekend and was thrilled with what Pixel gave me. We didn't get that last leg - but the improvement from last time was 200%. Her heeling was as good as in training! We lost only 1 and a 1/2 points on our heeling and figure 8. For my non obedience readers- that is pretty darn awesome. We failed the drop and she went down on her sit. In three trials. Lol. At least she's consistent. I've got some ideas for the drop and just need to go back and work on the sit stays. I was so focused on the down stay trouble that looking back I don't think I practice many sits. Despite the NQs I really had a lot of fun with my dog in the ring. I was barely nervous and it just felt really good. So I'm not in any hurry- not sure when the next trial will be. Fall probably.

I have videos (thanks Jo!) that I will add in later when I get to a computer.

The show itself was great- it ran smoothly and we had some awesome help. I love how dog people always step up to the plate to work. I mean, I even asked my agility friends (many of them I haven't even seen much of) and they totally came and worked. That is awesomeness.

The only dark spot over the weekend was how some people treated their dogs. Some styles of training is just so beyond what I would ever do. It floors me. And is actually quite disturbing. The things people will do all in the name of a high score and a title. The worst part of it is that they are rewarded- because the dogs are VERY good and perform brilliantly. There was a perfect score in open. And it was beautiful. But what you don't see is how that was trained. I saw enough at the ring rental on Friday night to know that it was not my cup of tea.

I realise that not everyone is going to train the same and for the most part I just go about my way. But the more positive trainers were outnumbered this weekend... So there was a whole lot of collar pops and corrections going on. Impossible not to notice, and it left a sour taste in my mouth.

Oh well. I guess just knowing that my own dogs and my students dogs and my friends dogs do not get treated like that has to be enough. It certainly gives you a different perspective after a weekend like that...

I'll take my happy bouncy naughty little Pixel and just keep working. We will get there...eventually. Lol

Oh and I should add that Scenthurdle was awesome. Lots of fun and our team had some great runs. Brit earned enough points for her Scenthurdle Dog Excellent title!! Go Brit!


oddman said...

Yay for Brit!

As for the dark spot, well, control what you can control. You are right, think of all your own dogs, students' dogs, and friends' dogs. Happy smiley workers, always eager to try again. My own dog is full of 'try', imho. I keep Jackie C's performances in my head, now those were beautiful, and you know how she did it. Such joy in the performance by those smiling Shelties!

Kathy said...

Glad you had a great trial. A friend got a leg on her dog and was very happy. I hope you have a trial next year so I can come with the youngster. The dark side - those poor dogs, can we care less how they place? It's unfortunate that they may win, but the price is so (too) high. Extreme competitive personalities show up in all facets of life; it's too bad those people don't take up running or skiing where they only punish themselves.