Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Countdown begins

Next weekend is the kennel clubs first ever Obedience and Rally only show. I'm super excited about it as its something that I've really had to work at to make happen. Lots of planning and work and thankfully lots of help and support from fellow kennel club members!

Aside from the planning portion of the event I've also been working with Pixel nearly every day. Just little bits. Keeping it fun and light with a high rate of reinforcement. She's doing really well- so I'm hoping that all our hard work will pay off.

The plus side of being so busy with this event is that I haven't had time to be sad about missing this years Agility Regionals. Distraction is good. But Im feeling good about agility and I'll be back. And on the plus side I have lots of friends and past students running and I'm excited for them. For some it is their very first. I reminded them to breathe, and to enjoy the experience. :) You only get one first time!

Speaking of agility Leo is rocking the 2 x 2's. He lights up when it's his turn to train. Love the feeling of training!

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Tammy Taylor said...

Have fun at the trial and I hope it has more fun times than stressful ones!

I would be there if I had a more ready dog and the other was trained :)