Monday, February 15, 2010

Calgary Agility Trial- video posted!

This weekend I entered Wicca in five things only- no standards, or challenge class. I am really going to limit her agility this year, and at this point standards aren't that important. I was a little sad to not run her in the standards, but I could tell by the end of the weekend that it was a good choice- she isn't stiff or sore at all.

She ran awesome this weekend. We were very much a team and I am just so proud of us.

Her gamble on Saturday was wicked. The gamble itself wasn't all that difficult- but lots of dogs didn't get it, and only a few did the mini gamble twice. Wicca got 108 points, and another gamble Q.

She knocked the first bar in Snooker- which required me to do some fast thinking on my feet. She totally messed up my plan and our time ran out before we could finish. I was certain we didn't have enough points for the Q, imagine my surprise when her name was called out for the Q!! She had 40 points exactly. Which is exactly how many you need. This earned us our Snooker title! I never thought I'd see the day...

Her last run on Saturday was jumpers, and it wasn't an easy one! We had two bars- both of which were my fault. It was a serpentine to a push thru and I was just a fraction of a second too late. She slammed both bars. Otherwise it was very nice, and very fast.

Sunday started out great with an awesome Steeplechase run. She took down one bar, but was fast enough to make up the time for the Q. She was one of the fastest dogs overall. The course actually required handling- which was nice for a change and was lots of fun.

Another snooker round- this one a little harder than the one on Saturday. She thought she'd out do her Saturday snooker and knocked TWO red bars...geez. I really had to work at getting her around that course. But we did it and made it to seven before the buzzer. And we Qualified. No kidding. I was super excited when I found out. This time with 41 points... lol

Here is the video of the sunday snooker run. Thanks Kim!

Talk about thinking on your feet!
I used to be so scared of snooker, I hated it with a passion. I still don't love it. But am comfortable with the game, and with my dog. And it is noticeable.

And that was it for her. Seriously it was an awesome weekend with her. Her Q rate is never that high, so I am pretty thrilled.

Boone didn't have such a stellar weekend, in fact it was probably the worst ever for him. Saturday he was completely stressed out and wouldn't connect with me at all. In warm up he was perfect- tail wagging, having fun- and then I'd put him on the start line and it was all over. Sunday was a bit better and his steeplechase wasn't awful..but still it's not the same dog I had in class last week.

I need to figure out what is causing his stress- I have a few theories. Contacts- he had a bit of a melt down last week about the frame, possibly he is still worried about making a mistake. Weavepoled- again this weekend he was skipping out. The bases weren't the problem as he sometimes popped out at the third pole. His weaves were PERFECT in class last week...Or maybe it is physical? He is kind of a wussy dog so you'd think I'd notice if he was sore, but I haven't. I will keep a close eye on him though and make sure there is no limping, hitching, or stiffness...

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Diana said...

Congrats on your weekend. I hope you can figure Boone out. Diana