Monday, July 14, 2014

Nell- looking for a great home!

Nell is a one year old Border Collie. I have looked after her a few times already in her life- once when she was itty bitty, and again when she was a teenage puppy. I have had a soft spot since I first saw her cute little freckles and bubbly personality.

She is from working Border Collie lines, and she herself was originally supposed to be one. But due to a possible Health Concern she has washed out of the program and is now looking for a great home.

There is a chance that Nell may develop Early Onset Deafness. A very slight chance- there isn't much known about the condition. But it is an issue in Border Collies, and a few different breeds. In Nell's case- there has been no trouble in her lines at all until just recently. When her mom went deaf. It is a hard thing to predict as it comes late in life- in this case the dog is over 5 years old! From what I've read it usually happens between 3-5 years old if it is going to happen at all.

Here is an interesting article I found about EOD. There isn't much about it- even online!

So because there is a risk of Nell losing her hearing, or possibly passing it on to puppies if she were ever bred- she won't make it as a professionally trained trial dog. But that won't prevent her from being the best dog in the world!!! (And she would likely be a KICK ASS working dog too if someone wanted to take a chance on that!)

I am very smitten with this little dog- she is really a great girl. And deserves a fantastic home where she will get lots of attention, exercise and the proper spoiling. ;)  She will be spayed prior to leaving for her new home- and the only charge is just the amount for the spay. Homes will be screened however. I am particular about these sorts of things!

Now, on to the awesome stuff that makes Nell so.... awesome!

Nell is just over a year old and is small for a Border Collie. Around 17" tall, and all muscle and fur. She is a very athletic little dog with springs for legs. Nell is great with people and hasn't met a stranger. She is also good with dogs and cats. Nell is housetrained, and crate trained. She travels well, and loves to do stuff. Nell has a great recall and is a dog who likes to please. She is very smart, and is easily motivated by treats, and toys.  Still very much a puppy- she is learning what is appropriate to chew in the house, and what is not. Shoes and Pillows are not. Dog toys are. She is learning though and is getting more and more trustworthy!

Nell loves to cuddle and is very affectionate. She is super sweet and is content to lay on your feet, or in your lap if you let her. ;) She is always happy, and sweet, and very responsive. I think she would make a great therapy dog!

We have started working on some basic obedience. She is learning Sit, and Down, and about Leash Manners. She is easy to train, and picks things up fast!

Nell has a soft spot for kids and absolutely adores them. She pulls me over to see kids at any chance she gets! She is very gentle with them though. It is this reason that I think she would make a great family pet.

Toys of any shape or size are her favorite. Really, any toy will do! She hasn't shown a preference at all, although today she seemed pretty pumped about an old Wubba she found in the toy box!

There isn't anything about this dog that I don't like- she really is just fantastic. With a bit more time and training she will be pretty perfect!!! She is a border collie though, and the home she goes to will have to be considerate of that! Plenty of exercise, and mental stimulation will help her to continue the trend of good behavior! Left to her own devices she could certainly be naughty. ;) 

If you are interested in Nell, or would like more information please feel free to contact me via email at Nell is located in Lethbridge, Alberta but if the right home came along we could arrange shipping! As mentioned above the only cost associated with Nell would be to cover her spay. 

Feel free to spread the word!!!

Nell has been placed into a loving (and awesome) home. 
Thanks for spreading the word, and for your interest! 


Adinabud said...

When you say she won't make it as a professionally trained trial dog I am assuming you mean herding trials? I don't know anything about those but I can attest that she could be an awesome agility dog regardless of whether she can hear or not. I run a deaf BCx who was born deaf and we do alright :)

2halves said...

Dang those dog limits! Although, I suppose having a Nell and a Bell could be troublesome. :)