Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another Herding Adventure

A few friends and I drove all the way to Dawson Creek. Which is north, like way north. In fact the town of Dawson Creek is where the Alaska Highway starts. It was a long drive, but so worth it.

The trial was small, but run amazingly well. The hosts did EVERYTHING. I don't know where they found the energy, and the time to do it all! They ran set out almost by themselves, did exhaust most of the time too, and all the other regular stuff that goes into a herding trial. And to top it off they prepared a FEAST for the Handlers dinner. It was delicious- best cheesecake ever!

The sheep were just a farm flock- a mixture of stuff. I don't know my sheep all that well yet, but I could definitely tell that there was some Cheviot in the mix! Wiley creatures that they are. My dogs did not too badly. Brit was horrible her first run- she refused to listen and had the sheep running. So I called her off and quit. She really needs to learn to stay off her stock. I was more than a little frustrated. She did redeem herself sort of the next day. We had too much speed- but the difference was that she listened. Leo handled himself pretty well- though I need to work on my timing still. I am always late! He came in second both days. And he did the drive! It wasn't pretty but we got it done. So I was happy with that.

I had a great time with my friends. And I met some new people- and I think that now "the regulars" have seen me around enough that they are actually friendly. Not that they have been unfriendly- but I had actual conversations with people I hadn't before. So that was cool. The scenery was gorgeous. I took a lot of photos with my iphone and barely any with my regular camera.

I am itching to get out of the lower level classes. But I know I need to take my time with Leo... His driving is the only thing holding us back right now. The bigger outruns will be just fine I am pretty sure. Brit on the other hand.... I am still not sure just how far she will be able to go in this... But there is only one more field trial this year, and then back to arena trials...

My training plans for both the dogs is just time, and experience. I need to focus on their respective weaknesses and work through it. I feel that we are at the point that I can do that as the other things are mostly understood. For Brit it is confidence. So some small spaces, and probably some corner work too, and seperately work on that steady so she stays off her sheep more when I ask. Leo is just driving, driving, and more driving. In conjunction with that are those small quarter flanks, and sharp stops. And for myself- whistling! I'm such a procrastinator. I can't even explain really. lol

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