Monday, July 14, 2014

First Agility Trial

Leo and I attended our first ever agility trial- a CKC one. It was fun, and felt really good to be back in the ring. Leo did MUCH better than I thought he would. Training for agility is still not high priority for me, but he is SO smart that he learns quick. It's a good thing really. We are a good fit.

He earned three Q's- two JWW, and a Standard. Which is amazing because he weaved! In the standard he even weaved on the first attempt! The others we had to do a second time. I have videos of most of our runs- but only one uploaded right now. This is his very first run ever I think!

It was already more than a week ago so I can't remember details all that well- but here is a list I had made right after the weekend.

Things that were awesome
Finding a line
Jump Commitment
A-Frame- didn't miss a single one!!!

Things that need work
Dogwalk- he was trotting across, instead of running. Which shows me that he doesn't really fully understand yet what is expected. I have to revisit my training and find the holes.
Weaves- this is not unexpected. He is not fully trained on weaves- my fault of course.
Start Lines! Oh my. Startlines. lol.
Delayed Reward- he was looking on course for the reward a few times. Once he even ran out of a tunnel and picked up a pylon... lol
Warm up- into the ring. I used my leash to keep him excited and engaged, but we will get called for that eventually. So I need to work on building up some trigger words and such to keep him excited when the toys go away.

We have lots of time to train- our next agility trial will likely be an AAC trial in September. We will see if I feel brave enough to go. ;)

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Taryn said...

How great to be back in the ring! You'll be ready for September!