Monday, April 14, 2014

Falling Behind

It's like the story of my life! Lol. So much to say, to write down, to remember. But by the time I get to just sit at the computer the last thing I want to do is waste the time to do it.

And so the blog has become more of a dumping ground. I have good intentions, but life sometimes gets away from you.

In any case here is a recap of last week.

I took my Grandpa's little dog Tucker to be euthanized. It was sad. And hard, and easy all at the same time. Easy in that he was suffering, lived a long life, and was truly heartbroken, his body and his heart both gave up. So it was the right decision. But it was still hard, to hold him, to explain that although his condition looked bad- he was well loved. His passing was peaceful. It was hard to say goodbye to the last connection we had to my Grandpa, and my Grandma. After my Grandma died Tucker became everything to my Grandpa. His companion- followed him everywhere. Always at his feet. As routine oriented as my Grandpa was. Even when he moved to my parents a few weeks ago- Tucker demanded his supper at 5pm on the dot, and bedtime was 10. No exceptions. What a funny little guy he was. <3

Wicca and I are training for the nosework trial in a few weeks. She is awesome, mostly. The vehicle search will be our downfall. Of that I am certain. I am going to work on indication and commitment this week. Back to basics and see if I can convince her that the rules are the same on a car. She is a challenge- even at 10 years old. :)

Leo has ignited my spark for agility again. We had a fantastic training session late last week, and then again this weekend. He is coming along nicely. Understanding more and more, and with that comes confidence.

Brit is lame, mostly. It is frustrating. And I try not to think about it. We need to go and see Veronica again. Although I have been down this road and I know that the outcome is not good. My hope is that she will have more good days than bad. And that I can manage it.  (She has some nerve trouble in her back, for those that haven't been following along)

We did a photo shoot with 55 dogs in a group stay. It turned out awesome. 
Lorelei is a very talented photographer, and while the shoot itself with a little difficult to manage- everyone did a great job with their dogs.

Spring is here- my grass is turning green. And I am really looking forward to the time when I can sit in the yard with the dogs and just be. I have serious cabin fever- even though I've been out all winter- it's not the same. Bring on the sun, and warmth!

This week is a short work week. It's going to be awesome. I have five days off in a row. Talk about lucky! I intend to spend it all with my dogs, my family, and my friends. Lucky, Lucky Me!

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onecollie said...

5 days off in a row!! do you think you can fit in some time for this friend and a nice walk with the dogs :)