Thursday, February 06, 2014

Third Place x 2

I am a bad blogger, but seeing as how the main reason I blog is to keep track of my dog training, activities, etc- I had better start getting better at it! lol

Last weekend Brit, Leo and I went to High River for an Arena trial. It was a great day- followed up but a superbowl party of sorts, and a long drive home in the dark.

Brit ran really well- she actually looked confident, and I think that was because I was confident too. She is very sensitive to that. The sheep were very heavy- probably the worst she has even worked actually. And she managed okay. I had to really help her, and force her up, but she never quit. She did circle her sheep twice- once at the start of the drive, and once at the top. Both  times were because she couldn't get them to move, and the pressure was making her nervous. In Arena trials it is pretty much all time- so there are no points taken for that sort of thing. Just time wasting. So we still finished in third! I am proud of her just for being brave. It has been such an interesting, and often frustrating journey even to this point. So I am proud of me too for not giving up, and being able to give her confidence.

Leo was very excited, and took the wrong flank a few times. It is not like him- but we haven't been working at all, or very little because of the stupid cold and ice. We are still having trouble with the walking in park- on the "drive" (that was a fetch because it's a allowed) I had a hard time getting him on his feet- he will only walk in at the end of a flank, not from a stop. And again the same problem at the pen. So I had to do most of the work. With Brit, that was okay because it was a confidence issue- with Leo I think it is more that he doesn't understand. So I really need to get that fixed ASAP. I think a lesson with Scott is in order- as soon as this cold spell breaks. But the run itself was decent- his outruns are good still, which is nice and surprising as his outruns have turned to shit with all the driving we have been doing. lol. And again- good enough for third place.

Thanks to Wendy Schmaltz for videoing, and I hope you all enjoy her commentary. lol.

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