Monday, February 24, 2014


I am really enjoying the nosework stuff. I didn't really think I would- I mean I've been trying to get into tracking for years and never seem to get around to it. I find it boring. lol. It was just never my thing. And I figured nosework would be the same.

But I actually am having fun! I've been working with Wicca mostly, but she has been off and on lame, so I started more work with Vito.

They have very different styles so it is interesting- Wicca of course is fast, and serious, and forceful. Vito is happy, and slower, and and enthusiastic.

Here is a video for each of them- this is Vito's first time with the cardboard box exercise. He was hilarious to start. lol. Once he smelled the find it was cool to watch him work the pile. I find it so interesting!

And Wicca, who is in the process of learning a better indication. You can see in the first clip that even after I mark her find with a yes- she leaves the box! I don't really get it. lol. Maybe Kim B will read this and have some advice? I have been working at home on finding, and staying with the source. We started trying to lure away with food too (you can see that in the last clip really good). So I am hoping she just needs more training to progress past that point.

We have yet to do any outdoor, exterior searches. She has been sore off and on so it's been tough to get the training in. But she is such a smartie pants, so I am sure she will pick it up.

I am lucky that my friend Shauna is sharing her new found knowledge with me! She is taking the Advanced Nosework course online, and is learning a ton of great information. I love how easy it is to learn new things these days! The internet/online classrooms are becoming more and more popular. It's just amazing!

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Nicki said...

Legend loves it, and unlike tracking (which we also like) we can practice inside!