Monday, February 03, 2014

Sad Day

Today was a sad day. My friend made the difficult choice to let her little corgi go. He had been diagnosed with Lymphoma a few weeks ago. And his time had come. Such a hard decision. And so painful. It is the last great thing we can do for them though, and we are lucky to be able to help them like that. But it doesn't make the decision, and process any easier.

So because I took the morning off, I had to work late, which just made me even sadder. I wanted to be at home with my dogs. I don't know why, but Crawfords death really shook me up. I expected to be sad, I loved him, and played a big role in his life (I set him and maureen up. ;) ). And he was completely awesome, and only 9 years old.  But, it was more than that this time.  A little too close to home I think. He was a corgi too, and around Wicca's age, or maybe it was because my friends grief was so raw. He was her heart dog, and I imagine I will be in the same state when it is Wicca's time. In any case, I have been a mess most of the day.

Thankfully the daycare dogs are great cuddlers. Even the bulldog got in on the action. Dogs are so in tune to how we feel. It surprised me that even the rowdy dogs (i.e the bulldog) were oddly calm. Ever been hugged by a bulldog? It's something else. lol.

Because I am so sad, I decided not to go to a kennel club meeting tonite. I felt bad skipping it. Until I did. And then I decided it was the right thing for me. I played with my dogs. I hugged them.  I bathed Boone. I did some videoing for a friend, and even did some nosework practice with my own dog since it was set up. It was a good night spent with all of my dogs. I may have sat on the floor with them all and cried. And I don't cry very often.

I am home now. And am exhausted. Showered and heading for bed. I am feeling pretty drained.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Oh, and I have video of how awesome Wicca did tonite, that I will post tomorrow.

And I haven't posted about how great the Border Collies were at the arena trial. What a bad blogger I am these days! No wonder I can hardly remember anything anymore!  Wednesday. I'll blog about it then.


onecollie said...

Sometimes life needs to be put on hold. You can't always be strong or you will eventually just explode.
Crawford's death is so very hard, I totally understand how you feel.
He had the best life and was loved so very much by Maureen in his last years. A match made in heaven, and good on you for making it happen.
Sending a virtual hug because you won't actually let me hug you, even when you need one :(

^..^Corgidogmama said...

Everything you did for yourself helped you cope. Your grandpa's passing is just behind you so you most likely have left over feelings about that too. Healing in your own way is best, and you're smart enough to know what works for you!